Dear Parents,


Welcome to the new school year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe summer break. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the new families joining us this year, and a big welcome back to the returning ones! My name is Jacqueline Merrick, and I am very excited to be the Special Education Teacher. I have been a special education teacher for 15-years, and I find this work very rewarding. I feel that all students can learn when the teachers focus on the student’s abilities. 


This is the beginning of a new educational journey, and I plan to help your child reach their highest goals this year. As a reminder, I ask that you please be sure to keep the Special Education Team informed of the events in your child’s life, including any questions you may have regarding their progress. I encourage you to communicate with me by email at [email protected] or call me at 602-238-9577. 


Success in school


  1. Attendance: Make sure that your child attends school as often as possible. Suppose your child has to be quarantine due to COVID. In that case, you can find the special education class assignments posted on my Google Classroom, so they will always have access to the activities going on in the classroom. 
  2. Parent Support:Make sure that your child knows that you expect them to do their best in school, help them organize a study area, and make sure that they read 15 minutes per day and practice their math facts daily. 

 I feel it’s going to be a fantastic year. Primarily if we work together as a team, support the children, and don’t give up on expecting our students to do their best under all circumstances. 





Jacqueline Merrick

Special Education Teacher

New World Educational Center

5818 N. 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85014

[email protected]