About Me

Hello and welcome to Kindergarten! I have been working in education for many years and am very happy to be your child's teacher. Students in kindergarten grow so much in one year. They learn many new things and are truly excited at each step along the way.  One of the joys of teaching kindergarten is to keep that excitement alive.  To watch a child really grasp a new concept or reach a new goal is a most rewarding moment. I look forward to an amazing year with your little learners.


“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ~Robert Frost

With schools around the country opening, I want you to know that NWEC is prepared to begin at a Red Level 2, where all students will be Distance Learning.

What Does Red Level 2 Mean?

The NWEC School Safety Committee developed a system for determining the behaviors that will keep staff and students safe during the 2020-2021 school year.

Modeled after CDC guidelines, risk levels are color coded:

GREEN - Minimal to no risk
YELLOW - Minimal to moderate risk
RED 1 - Substantial risk
RED 2 - Severe risk - school buildings closed with Distance Learning for all students

We ask that you please share this with your child.


How to contact me. 

Communication will be extremely important for your child's success in Kindergarten. Please reach out to me if there are difficulties, worries, or even if everything is going great.  Many families are struggling during this time. If you need help, please ask. NWEC has resources to help. 
Ms. DePoy