NWEC Galileo Scores

Dear Parents,
At our last parent meeting, we discussed the results of the Galileo Assessment that our students took. In this chart, you can see that we have work to do for our school to meet the school goal of 60% students passing and 60% students demonstrating growth. This school year the scores are 3% more in Math than last school year and 5% less in Reading than last school year. The following are the results of how many students passed:

                       Math: 44% passed                                                       Reading: 38% passed
Parents can also help by providing students a place to do their homework, work on skills that the classroom teacher suggests, and make sure your child arrives on time every day to school. We want your children to shine so that our school shines as well. Please support the classroom teachers and play an active role in your child’s education. Together we can make a difference on how the students perform.
~Jesus Armenta