School Letter Grade

Dear Parents,

     The State of Arizona’s Department of Education gives grades to schools that are labeled as A-F, making the letter grade A the highest one that a school can receive.  Below you will find the definition of each letter grade. 

Last school year we received a Letter grade “A” and we want to take the time to thank our loyal teachers and families that have been truly supportive.  Teachers are very dedicated people who make it a point in their lives to help children grow.  Together with the parent’s help this can be a very successful year. 

     Kinder through 8th grade had Galileo testing (Oct. 26 – Oct. 30).  This test will measure the progress of the students and demonstrate the progress of the school.  Parents, please make sure that you ask the classroom teacher for the results and how you can help your child at home to improve.  We appreciate all your help and please continue to support our school!


Mr. Armenta