Letter to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,
It feels great to say that our school has been a Highly Performing school for 4 years straight! This has become possible due to various factors. It starts with having Highly Qualified teachers that are dedicated to the school’s mission and vision AND to give the students a purposeful education. Over the years our staff has dedicated many hours in choosing the best curriculum and practices that will help all students. We have also ensured that different programs are accessible to our students. And the families have contributed to this by volunteering and helping keep our environment to be a safe and comfortable one.
Here are some effective programs we have at our school:
Curriculum: Every classroom has an updated and new curriculum that allows our students to learn state standards and provides resources for our teachers to help all students.
Supplemental Curriculum: Every grade has access to an online supplemental curriculum that allows your student to work on grade appropriate skills in Math and Reading (Learning Farm and Moby Max)
Tutoring: After school tutoring is provided in order for students to progress on grade standards during the Fall and Spring Sessions.
Gifted Program: This new program has improved every year to ensure we are challenging our students in the areas that they qualify in.
Galileo Assessment: This assessment is given 4 times a year in order to identify strengths and areas of concerns for each student. It is also a good predictor of how students will perform on State Assessments.
Character Education: The name of this program is called Character Counts and it focuses on 6 traits that students can work on. There are school incentives for students to apply these traits throughout the school. Also, tied to these traits it helps to reduce bullying and behavior issues.
Student Recognition: Our students are recognized during Student of the Month, Honor Roll, and Character Counts events. Also, students are recognized during Spelling Bee, Poetry Fair, Art Fair and Science Fair.
Youth Empowerment Group: This program is new to our school and it is geared towards helping students build self-confidence and how to resolve issues.
Communication: New World has various forms to communicate with families and communities. Parent Meetings, School Website, Newsletters, Class Dojo, School App, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Wednesday Folders.
We encourage all of you to familiarize yourself with all of this in order to contribute as a parent and active member of our school. The support that our families have continually provided is much appreciated.
Thank you,
Jesus Armenta