School Supplies 2022

At New World our teachers share supplies and our families are so generous in helping our
school by keeping our Supply Room filled with things that students and teachers need. The
following are items that we need to replenish in the teacher supply room:

* Red pens
* Scotch Tape
* Expo markers (Any color, preferably black or blue)
* 3x5 Index cards
* Pencils (No.2)
* Crayons (24 pack)
* Washable color markers
* Spiral notebook (college and wide ruled)
* Loose leaf paper (college and wide ruled)
* Construction Paper (Any color, preferably various colors)
* Eraser tops for pencils
* Tissues
* Tape dispensers
Thank you for always supporting our school. If you buy any of these items, please give it to the
teachers or bring the items to the office. We will then organize it in the supply room.