Another way to help our school is by making donations.  These donations can be monetary or items that are in bulk that all staff can use.  There are 3 great ways to donate monetarily: 

  1. You can give a donation to receive a AZ State Tax Credit. This is any donation up to $200 for a single person, or $400 for a married couple. This donation will help with field trips and other after school activities.  This will give you a credit towards your State Taxes when you file your annual taxes.
  2. Charter schools can receive any amount as a monetary donation. In the summer, it was suggested that if each family were to donate $50 per family it would help our school to cover expenses in the classroom.  You can donate online or in person.
  3. We are always in need of classroom supplies that can be donated in bulk. Some of the items that you can give are pencils, pens, expo markers, sanitizing wipes, Kleenex, and graph paper.
  4. Prize Box: Each week the students may use their points to purchase prizes using their ClassDojo points.   If you are able to help by purchasing prizes, please contact our front office and we can send you a link to make the purchase.