Walk-a-Thon Donation Info

Thank you everyone for making this year's Walk-a-thon a successful one!  
Here are the instructions for collecting the donations:
- Please direct your sponsor to visit our school website and go to LINKS and click on the Walk-a-thon Link (www.nweccharter.com).
- Please have the sponsor put your child's grade and name so we can keep track of it.   
-  If someone wants to give cash or check an envelope will be sent home today with your child to put the money or check in.  Checks go to New World Educational Center.
-  When you have collected all donations please return the envelope and the sponsor/donation sheep together to the classroom teacher.
Thank you for your support!
PS:  The best and most secure way to collect the donations is using the link.   If you have any questions please call our office (602) 238-9577.