Fundraising Continues!

Fundraising is very important to our school and thanks to the support we get from our families, they are successful.  Below are some fundraising events that will start this month.  Please see Camille Campista, our Parent-Volunteer Coordinator, for more information.


Walk-a-thon Event: We had this event on December 21st, and we plan to collect donations for this event until January 25th.  We encourage to use the assigned link on the school website for people to donate.  The school goal is $5,000.
Change for CHANGE: Every Quarter change (coins or bills) will be collected to determine which class raises the most for a special prize.
Box Tops: Our school is rewarded money depending how many Box Tops are collected.  If you have any, please sign up to and turn in electronically or drop them off in the office.
Fry’s Community Rewards: Please sign up if you have a Fry’s Rewards card and depending how much you spend, Fry’s will donate money to our school.   Last month we earned $60.
School Events: Please attend the school events that help raise money for our school.  For example, when we have a Skate Night.  The more people you invite the more success we will have with the event.