School APP for the mobile devices

In order for parents, students and staff to be on the same page we have created many innovative ways to communicate.  Here is a list of what we have done so far:

·      School Website:

·      Monthly Newsletter:  Printed on the 1st Wednesday of the Month

·      Facebook:

·      Instagram: Nwec_Az

·      Twitter:  Nwec_Az

·      Parent Meetings:  On the first Thursday of the month

·      Parent/Teacher Conferences:   November 3

·      Email:  on our school website our entire staff is accessible

As you can see, communication is very important to us because it is important to the people we serve, YOU!  That is why we have created a NEW FREE APP just for YOU!  This APP allows for all the above to be available in ONE place.  We also wanted a way to get important alerts to our families.  This app provides that option and can be useful when we have special events, or even emergency situations. 

  Please visit the Apple Store (, Google Play, or Amazon to look for our APP.  We are under our school name: New World Educational Center.  At the bottom of this letter you will find a QRC code that will allow you to download the APP.  We know that this APP will be helpful to Parents, Students, and Staff!