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I graduated from Arizona State University in 2004, with a Bachelors Degree in Education. I have lived and traveled to thirteen different countries and I have a daughter named Sofia.
I believe education is a powerful force in self transformation and self realization, and that it leads to a far more exciting and rewarding life. I love to travel, go to the gym, dance, paint, read, and swim.
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Class Supplies

We greatly appreciate contributions. Lined Paper and Pencils are always in demand, along with tissues and wipes. In addition, any little toys or balloons from the dollar store are great for rewarding good behavior in our students.
Thank you very much for your consideration!

Homework Policy


Dear Families, 
       I would like to give you a little information about 5th grade homework.  They will have a daily Math page that is a continuation of that days lesson. Each lesson build on the lesson before it, so it is recommended to be in school every day unless there is a serious situation. In addition to Math the Students are all expected to Read for 20-30 minutes daily and write a short Summary about what they have read.  

Our homework schedule does not change from week to week with the exception of short weeks due to holidays.  Fifth grade homework is designed to review, re-teach, or front load information; however it is not intended to consume your evening.  If you feel your child needs additional support or challenge with math you can visit (  or encourage your child to read which would help build comprehension and fluency.  
       If your child is really struggling with a math or reading question please just circle the question and have them bring it to the teacher first thing in the morning. Sometimes our math homework can be challenging and we encourage them to try, but not get discouraged and overwhelmed.  Chances are if your child is struggling others in the class are as well.  If this is the case we will take some time to review the concepts. 
      Homework counts as a participation grade and if it is not completed your child’s grade will be affected.  In addition it reinforces the concepts taught in class and lets you know where we are working in the Common Core Standards. This will help your child to meet or exceed on all testing and be prepared to move up at the end of the year.


Ms. Rose