Ms Rose Bildhauer

Dear Parents, 

It is a great pleasure to teach Middle School this year! Please let me tell you a little about myself. This will be my eighth year with the New World Educational Center, so some of you have seen me walking around or in my classroom.

      I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and raised all over the USA.  I’m also grateful to be a world traveler. I received my Bachelors Degree Cum Laude from Arizona State University and  also gathered degrees and credits from University of LaVerne, University of Maryland Overseas Division, and Phoenix College where I studied art, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and history.

    My Goal this year is to make sure that our students master all the state standards and goals, and are highly motivated, filled with high self esteem, and are excited to become lifelong learners.




The forms of communications at this time are:


I encourage you all to speak positively with your students about eduaction, and your goals for your wonderful children. 

Kind Regards,

Ms. Rosemarie D Bildhauer

English Language Arts