Payment Process

      Students who are Paid or Reduced must pay for meals they are served. Payments may be made in the form cash, check, or credit card and each time that a child is provided a meal, a charge is deducted from the child’s account.  It is important that the child’s parent or guardian is aware of the balance on the account.  Credit Card payments are new to our school.  You may use the card on our school website in similar fashion to buying a school shirt or paying for a New World event.   Please click here or type in this web address  


      To assist with keeping track of students balances, beginning on September 1, 2016, parents/students will begin to receive notifications from school at the end of the day to let parents know that their child’s money is getting low.  The notifications will be given to students in the classroom.  The notifications will be in either the color yellow or red.  A yellow notice means that your child still has money on his or her account, but it is getting low.   We are attempting to notify parents when the account still has three (3) lunches available.  If you receive a red notice, that means that your child has used all the money in their account and is now charging lunches.  (STUDENTS WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO CHARGE THREE (3) LUNCHES!)  When the child has received the third charge, they will not be able to receive additional meals until the account is brought up to date.  Because we care very much about your child, we will provide an alternative meal until the account is up to date.  The alternative meal is usually a peanut butter sandwich with milk.  Parents who prefer to have their child(ren) not participate in the school lunch program may send a lunch with their child(ren.)