August 10, 2020


Teachers have a right to teach.

                   Students have a right to learn.


            Welcome to the New Year!  I am looking forward to working with you and your child as we work towards becoming independent, responsible learners.  I have a strong passion for mathematics and science and my desire is to instill this passion for these subjects in your child.  I believe that a child’s education needs to be a partnership between the parents, teachers and students and that every child can succeed and grow in their academics.  This year will be about having a lot of fun as we develop a deeper understanding of academic content. 

            The start of this year will be challenging for everyone.  Teachers are not used to teaching online nor are students used to learning via online.  We have expectations and schedules put in place to bring about a normalcy for our unusual circumstance due to COVID 19.


Student Expectations:

  • Students will need to check in every morning in order to us to take attendance.
  • Students are expected to do their best and persevere in their academics.
  • Students please ask for assistance, finish all assignments and turn them in in a timely manner.
Teacher Expectations:
  • Provide students with mathematical practice in order to create proficiency so all 8th grader are ready for high school the following year.
  • I will provide you multiple opportunities to master content.
  • I will give you updated information regarding any changes that might occur during this process of learning online.
I am looking forward to watching you grow and develop new skills in order to help you succeed in high school.  When you do all that is expected of you, there is no reason for you not to be ready for your next academic adventure.  
Miss Agersea
8th grade Math and Science Teacher
New World Educational Center
(602) 238-9511


October 21, 2020
Dear Parents and Students,
                               RE:   High School Prep Ideas
Good Morning Students and Parents,
     No need to wait till high school to start getting the mind set of success and how you might go about obtaining that success status.  Make the most of your high school experience.  Read the helpful tips on these websites to get you well prepared for the challenges of high school.  Some of these tips you have already experienced in middle school.  There are other tips maybe you haven’t thought of. 



High School Preparation Ideas









Thank you parents and students for your support during this challenging circumstances we are all in with COVID 19.  New World parents and students are the best.  



Miss Agersea